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The AI Advantage (New Edition)


This is The AI Advantage - and it is now edited by GPT4.

Why you should buy this book. If you haven’t already.

Are you interested in using AI to enhance your financial success and start your own business?

The AI Advantage: Unleash Your Potential and Achieve £60K Success is a comprehensive guide to understanding and utilizing AI in starting your own business. 

This book provides valuable insights and practical strategies to help you tap into the power of AI and turn your entrepreneurial aspirations into a profitable reality.

Imagine being able to confidently use AI to grow your business and achieve financial success, reaching the £60K income mark you've always dreamed of. 

With The AI Advantage, you can finally take control of your future and unlock your full potential.

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Get your copy of The AI Advantage today. Complete the 30 exercises. And start your journey towards a successful, fulfilling and profitable business that you started yourself. With the help of one of the most powerful ideas known on the planet today. AI. Included in this book is also how to use ChatGPT to complete your business plan / marketing plan. And 10 other prompts.

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The AI Advantage (New Edition)

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