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THE NEW INTELLIGENCE The 5th Industrial Revolution

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Tom Cheesewright: Founder, Futurist and CEO of Pomona Partners.

“A brand new and revealing way of thinking about the future of work.”

Guy Kilty: Founder of Dap Dip podcast production

"Brilliant insight into the way Artificial Intelligence - and how companies choose to deploy it - is revolutionising every industry."

Paul Spiers: Founder & CEO, The New P&L Institute

“While some are still talking about the fourth industrial revolution, Dan is already predicting the key trends of the fifth! An insightful, balanced and concise assessment of the critical considerations for the future of work.”

Claire Quansah: Founder, Quansah Consulting

“A fascinating insight into the next industrial revolution, which touches on not only the technological but personal and societal. This book highlights the different types of intelligence we will need to understand and embrace in order to navigate the unprecedented transformation we face globally. A great read.”

The Fifth Industrial Revolution" by Dan Sodergren.

Is an enlightening exploration of the intersecting realms of technology and human intellect.

This definitive guide traverses through Artificial Intelligence, its mechanics, predictive potential, historical references, and its role in innovation.

It delves deeply into Emotional Intelligence, discussing its significance in human interactions and its digital applications.

Then it's the new idea of Independent Intelligence, focusing on adaptability, personal transformation, and lifelong learning.

Finally, it revolutionizes the concept of Organisational Intelligence, highlighting its potential in boosting productivity, fostering collaboration and learning culture, and reshaping future organisations.

Welcome to the Fifth Industrial Revolution and your guide to not just surviving but thriving it.

This special edition is sponsored by Mayple.

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THE NEW INTELLIGENCE The 5th Industrial Revolution

2 ratings
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